Medicaid Work Requirement – Coming Soon to West Virginia?

Photo: Carol Von Canon/FlickrCC

Photo: Carol Von Canon/FlickrCC

The West Virginia Rural Health Association will host a free webinar at 12 p.m., Jan. 22 on the potential impacts of a Medicaid Work Requirement in West Virginia.

In 2018, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a new policy allowing states to implement work and community engagement requirements for certain Medicaid enrollees.

Since then, 16 states, including West Virginia’s Appalachian neighbors Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and North Carolina have either implemented or proposed new laws requiring people receiving Medicaid to verify their participation in approved activities, such as employment, job search, or job training programs, in order to receive health coverage.

The effort to institute Medicaid Work Requirement in Kentucky was embroiled in federal litigation, and efforts in other states have been similarly contentious.

With the West Virginia legislative session approaching in January, there is some speculation that West Virginia could be the next state to adopt a Medicaid Work Requirement.

Given the importance of Medicaid in West Virginia’s rural communities, a Medicaid Work Requirement would have a profound impact on coverage and the provision of health services…

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